If you can't have a walk on the beach once a week then what is the point of coastal lifestyle?

who is the potter group?

We are exceptional creators of living and working spaces. We master plan greenfield sites into real communities. We meet and exceed the commercial needs of businesses looking for high quality, functional and stylish office space.

We develop unrivaled industrial, manufacturing and distribution sites cost effectively. We are not pretenders, nor dreamers. We have vision and see the moves of markets long before the rest. Most importantly we finish the job. We don’t over promise and under deliver. We are not in it for the short term return, but the long term value building business.

We know our strengths and our limits. We have never over extended ourselves and failed to deliver. We invest in our people and surround ourselves with the best supply partners we can find. We imagineer the future andthen build it and we have done this successfully for over 20 years, good times and bad.

our recent works