our company mission

We are in the business of creating inspirational living and working spaces. We are not ‘one size fits all’ designers, developers & constructors.

We start our process by continually reviewing, analyzing and revising our understanding of residential and commercial marketplace. Only with this deep ultimate customer understanding do we look for greenfield or redevelopment site opportunities to meet and exceed the needs and desires of our customers.

If we can envisage a home or work space that meets the needs in an environment that allows our innovative home and work space designs to thrive while delivering exceptional value then we have found a ‘Potter Group project’. We always see our projects through. This is our philosophy and our model for continued success in satisfying our customers.

John Potter

Founder & Leader / The Potter Group

No False Commitments
No late completions and certainly no over promising and under delivering. We have been around for a long time and we intend to be around for a lot longer. You can only do that if you simply keep your promises. We do that every day.

Capturing the Living Needs, Wants & Desires of Homeowners
It is crucial to our approach. We understand that a home is part financial investment, part spiritual investment. Matching these conditions to buyers makes our business a success and our customers happy.

We Also Understand the Needs of Business
In the retail, commercial and industrial markets. Cost effectiveness is only part of the story but it is one of the pillars that underpins our business sector projects. Visionary approaches to solving business premises problems is our forte.

We Are About Innovation & Quality
Not innovation for innovation's sake, but genuine interest to bringing unique ideas to market. We only partner with the best in their respective fields as we have found early money spent well usually results in considerable later savings.

The Potter Group always see their projects right through